Democratic Endorsements

California Democratic Party finalizes list of Endorsed Candidates

At the July Executive Board meeting of the California Democratic Party, the officially endorsed candidates running for state offices were finalized.

For San Bernardino County Voters, here are the candidates who will appear on our ballots.

Follow this link to the CDP for a complete list of officially endorsed candidates and measures.

Note that the Mountain Bears Democrats will make endorsements for County & Local races in August and September…so check back soon.



Democratic Endorsed Candidates 2014

2014 CDP Endorsements – November General The Secretary of State has certified the results of the Primary Election and as such the California Democratic Party has issued endorsements for the following offices. Statewide Endorsed Candidates Governor Edmund G. “Jerry” Brown Treasurer John Chiang Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom Secretary of State Alex Padilla Attorney General Kamala …

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Propositions 2014

Yes on Proposition 1 WATER QUALITY, SUPPLY, AND INFRASTRUCTURE IMPROVEMENT ACT OF 2014 (CALIFORNIA WATER BOND) — Provides a reliable supply of water to farms, businesses and communities, especially during droughts. It supports economic growth and protects the environment. It is fiscally responsible, is guided by a comprehensive state water plan and does NOT raise …

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John Coffey 
33rd District Assembly

Meet & Greet Candidates Bob Conaway and John Coffey

Make a difference with your vote. Learn the facts. Meet the candidates. Join Mountain Bears Democrats for a Meet and Greet before the monthly meeting on Tuesday, September 23, 2014 at 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. Refreshments, Candidates presentation, Q&A and mingling.  Hear from Bob Conaway running in District 8 against Rep Paul Cook, who has …

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Social Security is Going Bankrupt. Hardly!

The GOP (Republican Party) has been pounding the drum that Social Security is going bankrupt. Another FALSE STATEMENT by the party leaders, who live in protected districts. Since the Republicans under Karl Rove gerrymandered districts to favor the Republicans, they no longer have checks and balances from their electorate. So they can say anything (true …

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