Feb 01

Club Activism – Jan 2017

On the last day of the month (thanks to WAY too much snow the week before) we met to discuss how we’ll proceed from here. A large number of new members and guests added to a lively discussion of the things that need to be either protected or fixed, and the things that we can do about those.

Since these were notes about a discussion, here’s an expansion from the shorthand:


(and yes, we know the list is bigger than we are)

Women’s Health Rights – A new member related how she never knew a grandmother due to her death after a medically necessary but unsafe abortion. She vowed to do everything possible to keep that from happening to somebody else.
Climate Change / Global Warming – all present realize how the increasing temperature on Earth will make our water more scarce and our winters more unbearable.
ACA / Medicare – Since we can expect no single payer system from this Congress, Administration or Supreme Court, what we have now must be defended to the best of our ability.
Social Security – The blatant LIE that Social Security impacts our national economy or debt balance endangers our senior citizens and our disabled. Its defense is essential.
Immigration and Racial Justice – The hatred and bigotry spawned recently by this Administration and its cronies should be countered to preserve the American way of life and our international reputation. Law enforcement and the Border Patrol alike must be better administered and trained.
Public Education – In order to properly welcome and include immigrants and help disadvantaged families to raise the next generation from reduced opportunity, the institution and quality of our public education must be preserved and enhanced.
Diversity and LGBT rights – we recognize that our country is stronger when we accept our differences and work together. The false sense of division and opposition between groups can not continue if we are to thrive.
Honest News – The singular and powerful influence of our national media has yet to accept the responsibility and burden of presenting facts and content rather than sensationalism and controversy. We need to do better nationally.
Corporate Control / Military-Industrial Complex / Living Wage – a fascist state leaves few choices for those not wielding the power of a corporation. In order for all to share the benefits of our country’s wealth, we can’t allow such a situation to exist.
Prevent Armed Conflict – We recognize that we are, as George Carlin stated so well, “An Oil Company with an Army” and we’re committed to use our sense and strength to stop fighting others – including the tactic of placing many more women in positions of power.
Infrastructure maintenance and expansion – As our population increases, an infrastructure to accommodate it must be properly repaired and sensibly planned.
Environmental Protection – We recognize that we only have one planet, and that abuse of it in one area changes life everywhere else, either immediately or eventually. We must do all possible to prevent our Earth’s destruction both slowly and quickly.


As the time flew past, we were able to start our list of actions, but we’ll need more minds and hands to begin to make the change we need.

Support Planned Parenthood
Hold the Media Accountable
Defeat Citizens United
Standardized Electoral College
File a lawsuit against Donald J. Trump

But NONE of this will happen without help – and honestly, there is far too much grey hair in our club. Talk to your friends, the children of your friends. Discuss what can be done with anybody you talk to – then invite them to help. We’ll get a loudspeaker and hold rallies in parking lots if we get too many people!

Feb 01

2017 – Where we go from here

The corrupt old fascists in the White House want to crush your spirit.

They want to break your heart so they can take your country.

To that end, we’re being bombarded with unconstitutional Executive Orders, outrageous lies and stunning attacks on our nation’s proud traditions and international standing.

There is no reason to keep thinking you are helpless – that you are unable to put anything right again. It’s simply not true. Not only that, but there are lots of people who can help!

This post will be updated regularly with links to resources, groups and actions guaranteed to re-charge and re-vitalize you!

Feb 14th – Michael Flynn has resigned under intense pressure from the press (and who knows what equivalent in Russia). Senator Dianne Feinstein continues to pressure those surrounding him and Congress for clear, non-partisan answers. Senator Kamala Harris says much the same. Paul Cook remains out of public view, despite the local INDIVISIBLE groups protesting in front of his office, asking for a Town Hall meeting.

Jan 14

The ACA is available if you have lost your Insurance


RYANcare Explained

This full section-by-section description of the Republican “replacement” legislation explains why Paul Ryan and his co-conspirators never submitted it to the Congressional Budget Office for evaluation – it is a covert attempt to wreck the very health care reform they demanded instead of a single payer system. Follow THIS LINK for the full details.


Watch this video and share it with your friends, but if you REALLY care about them, make sure they sign up if they qualify to do so at this time!

Life changes that can qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period

Loss of health insurance

You may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period if you or anyone in your household lost qualifying health coverage in the past 60 days OR expects to lose coverage in the next 60 days.

Coverage losses that may qualify you for a Special Enrollment Period:

  • Losing job-based coverage
  • Losing COBRA coverage
  • Losing individual health coverage for a plan or policy you bought yourself
  • Losing eligibility for Medicaid or CHIP
  • Losing eligibility for Medicare
  • Losing coverage through a family member
  • If you aren’t certain the ACA can not help you with insurance needs . . . CONTACT THEM!

    The lie that the ACA is damaged or unable to actually help you find affordable health care insurance is just that – – a LIE!

    In an updated and well referenced VOX article the steps that are necessary in Congress to actually repeal the ACA are described. It is not simple and it is not quick. Take heart that a true President foresaw some of this and accounted for it.