Jul 30


Jul 30

Why local judge elections mean so much

It simply isn’t enough to vote for the President and Congresspeople you want to see in office. It’s not even enough to elect good representatives to hold offices as Governor, Assemblyperson and Senator in Sacramento. Judges, and those who elect and confirm them, have tremendous say in a number of areas you might never have considered. Why Courts Matter explains clearly:


Jul 30

RepresentUS presents the coolest VIDEO!

This may be the most educational five minutes you’ll spend this week. While you may not decide to participate in RepresentUS, please, for the sake of your future and that of your heirs, do SOMETHING.

Jul 30

CA-24 Election Update 4-30-2015

CA-24 Following redistricting, the district contains all of Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo County as well the Los Padres National Forest in Ventura County.
It’s not too surprising to see Roll Call report that establishment Democrats would like to see Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider drop out of the race to succeed Rep. Lois Capps (Capps announced in April 2015 that she would not seek reelection in 2016.) Santa Barbara County Supervisor Salud Carbajal has crushed Mayor Schneider on the fundraising and endorsement fronts, even earning the support of Rep. Capps herself, and no one wants to see a disaster in the top-two primary that involves two Republicans advancing to the fall general election. And, says Emily Cahn, operatives also think Carbajal would be better at holding this seat down in midterm years, when things can get hairy. California’s 24th District is rated a Safe Democratic contest by the Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report/Roll Call.
But as soon as stories like these become public, that means that private efforts have already failed. And Schneider’s pushing back in at least a semi-convincing way by releasing a poll from Lake Research that has her ahead of Carbajal. In her survey, Republican Assemblyman Katcho Achadijan leads with 24 percent, while Schneider grabs 16, Carbajal 11, Republican businessman Justin Fareed 10, and Bill Ostrander, another Democrat, takes just 1.
Now, a 5-point lead isn’t all that impressive, especially when both you and your competition are both in the teens. But the point here is that Schneider has no intention of folding. Let’s see if she still feels that way, though, six months from now.

Mar 21

A Must Read Krugman Fact Check — GOP Budget Makes the Rich richer; Middle Class Poorer

Chair of Senate Finance Committee

A Must Read Paul Krugman Column from Daily Kos

The GOP (lead by the Republican Chair of the Finance Committee) wants to give more to the rich. The only way to do that is to take away benefits from the Middle Class and Poor.


Read his column how the Republicans are defrauding the government and undermining what our country was built on–the right to pursue happiness and liberty for all, not just for some.



Jul 25

Our New Fantastically Updated Website


Our new website is up and still under construction — sort of like a house, there is always something to tweak, add or rehab.

This is a work in progress but we certainly hope you will like and enjoy our efforts here. After all, this is really for your edification and illumination about who we are, where we are and what we do.

We really hope that we can motivate you to come to one of our monthly meetings – no obligation whatsoever but of course we will try to interest you in our club membership. Its only $25.00 per year and we have a lot of fun while we educate and inform the citizens of the Southern California Mountain Communities. No, you do not have to live here in order to join and if you do live here (even part time) you are welcome to be a guest at our meetings before you choose to join.