Aug 25

LOVE TRUMPS HATE * * * Meet n Greet

SATURDAY, AUG. 27th 1 – 4 p.m.

Love Trumps Hate

“Love Trumps Hate house party for Hillary”. Saturday, August 27, 2016. 1 P.M. to 4 P.M. You’ll have a chance to meet local Democratic candidates Rita Ramirez for Congress and Scott Markovich for Assembly. As you know this upcoming election is a critical for the security of our children’s and grandchildren’s future. Your vote counts like never before. Please join us at this crucial time.

This is a FUNDRAISER! Everything has a cost, whether it be time or money, so bring your calendar and your checkbook. We can’t compete with the money being spent by the GOP, Tea Party and the Millionaires, but we can help with the cost of yard signs, flyers, campaign buttons and the thousands of dollars it costs to have your campaign statement printed in the Voter Information Guide.
If you can’t afford to contribute money, schedule some time making phone calls to remind people to vote – and vote for candidates who will work for THEM and not the big money interests.

Voter registration in English and Spanish will be available. Call Anita 909-338-0274 for address and directions.

Anita's House
Rita plaque
Scott Plaque

Aug 05

Hillary Unity Banner


Not everything about a Presidential Campaign has to be dramatic or ridiculous! This is our Club’s contribution to a nationwide effort to elect Hillary Rodham Clinton as the next President of the United States. The large red letters on a white background evoke a ‘dress code’ from the early 20th century, when suffragettes demanded an equal place in the voting rolls of the country.

Another common call, in addition to wearing the badge of color, was a plea to dress fashionably and femininely to rebuke stereotypes of strong-minded women as masculine or dowdy. The color white, a symbol of purity, further rejected sexually dismissive slurs thrown their way while protesting, much the same way women of the ’80s used shoulder pads to combat sexism in the workplace, eliminating fuel for arguments that a woman was dressed too provocatively for the office. Today’s effort is coordinated by some ladies in Northern California, and they have established a Facebook page The Unity Banner- Banners Across America For Hillary

A special shout out to Linda Martin, who got the material (Secretary Keith pushed the cart) from JoAnn’s, cut out the letters and ended up doing most of the sewing all by herself! She’s a whirlwind! “I advise anybody making another banner to
use glue – that “H” alone took me two HOURS!” Seems the decision to use double ducking so the sewing machine thread didn’t show through the back was ‘that much’ too much for the sewing machine! Good job, Linda!

Jun 04

San Bernardino County Democratic Party invites you to a



Labor Day Weekend
Saturday, September 3
5:00 PM
Redlands Elks Lodge

663 New York St., Redlands, CA 92373

Click on the link below to view the form and details

Labor Day Event Sept 3

Labor Day Event

labor day sept 3 event revised3_Page_2

Feb 28

The Concert Across America

to end gun violence
Sunday, September 25, 2016 (preview Sept 9th)

Concert Across America


Nationwide event to be held Sunday, Sept. 25, 2016

Donna Dees,
Sue Walker, Mt. Action for Peace & Justice, (909) 337-1279

The Mountain Action for Peace & Justice in the Rim of the World Communities has announced its participation in a national Concert Across America to End Gun Violence, scheduled for Sunday, September 25, 2016. The Lake Arrowhead event, to be hosted outside at the Tudor House, will be one of several concerts held across the U.S., each connected via social media and online at

Sherry Bailey, Mountain Action for Peace & Justice’s organizer for the Lake Arrowhead Concert Across America has said, “We must all band together to end gun violence in domestic violence, school shootings, racial tensions, and to keep guns out of the hands of those who are suicidal or mentally ill.” The Blue Jay resident is proud that the Rim of the World communities will be part of this national event.

In 2007, Congress designated September 25 as the National Day of Remembrance for Murder Victims. Since two out of every three victims are killed with a firearm this day of “remembrance” is to honor those killed by gun violence.

The power of music to reach far and wide has fueled countless important movements in recent decades. Now is the time to turn up the music to turn down the hateful rhetoric that has become a hallmark of the gun debate.

Lineups for the concert include Grits and Grady, the Highland Pickers, individuals and a sing along. For more information about the Concert Across America to End Gun Violence, visit The concert is free (donations appreciated) and is a family friendly event. The Tudor House/Tudorville, (815 Arrowhead Villa Rd., Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352) outside event is from 3 – 6 pm, but will be held rain or shine. Refreshments will be for sale. For further information please call 336-2435 or 337-1279.


About the Concert Across America
The Concert Across America will take place on Sept. 25, the date designated by Congress in 2007 as a day of remembrance for murder victims. This nationwide event will bring together a network of organizations, activists and artists with the dual goals of keeping guns out of dangerous hands and making the issue of illegal guns top of mind for members of Congress, the presidential candidates, and the American people as they go to the polls in November 2016. For more information visit

Mountain Action for Peace and Justice (MAP & J)
Mountain Action for Peace & Justice seeks to confront global issues of militarism and war while exposing the interconnections of economic disparity, displacement of indigenous peoples, environmental degradation, sexism, racism, human rights, gun violence and the economic dependence on the war economy. Of special concern is the militarization of space by the United States and other world powers. MAP&J was formed in 2014 and is open to all. For further information please call (909) 337-1279 or

Can’t make it then? – there’s a preview on Sept. 9th!

Club members Dianne and John Grady are going to perform as members of “Grits and Grady” at St. Richard’s Episcopal Church in Sky Forest (28708 Hwy 18, Skyforest, CA 92385) on Friday, Sept 9th from 4-7 p.m.