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2017 AD-33 ADEM Meeting and Election

On Saturday, January 7th, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. members of the Democratic Party assembled in a room in Victor Valley College in Victorville to elect candidates.

The California Democratic Party website has a very good summary and worksheets of the process, the needed qualifications and registration for candidates, plus contact people. Ballots were cast and carefully counted to select the seven (7) women and seven (7) men who will represent us. If you intend to become more active in the Democratic Party, you couldn’t ask for a better introductory event, so plan to attend the next one.

Women Delegates (total votes):
Shelby Arellanes 27
Laurie Gomes 26
Natalie Brown 24
Resa Barilles 23
Jacquese Conaway 22
Laura Quigley 21
Elisa Urmston 6 (paper lottery)
1st Runner-Up–Yvonne Molles-6
2nd -RU–Adrienne Hungerford-2

Men Delegates (total votes):
Leroy Navy 33
Roger LaPlante 30
Michael Curran 29
Lance Arnt 28
Robert Conaway 27
Steven Dayton 23
Ron Koch 22 (coin toss win)
1st Runner Up–Lionel Dew–22 (coin toss)
2nd Runner Up–Mark Wirth-17

These results are unofficial — The official final results will be reviewed by the California Democratic Party and will then be posted on the CDP website.
The delegates become official seated delegates at the Convention in May.

Mike Curran, Shelby Arellanes, Jacquese Conaway, Laurie Gomes, Roger LaPlante, Robert Conaway, Leroy Navy and Laura Quigley

Executive Board Delegate Roger LaPlante

Volunteers, candidates and the truly dedicated hours into the process!

The process is rather long and tedious for those doing the vote tally, but it is also precise. Thanks to Diana Love, the convener and our Regional Director, the materials and volunteers selected performed “up to task” and every hurdle was cleared!

Blanca Gomez, Odette Boyd, Glen Thompson and Diana Love