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2016 / 2017 Officers

President: Michele (“Mickey”) Laws

Club President 2016 Michele Laws

Club President 2016
Michele Laws

Michele, aka Mickey, who uses both interchangeably, is a retired teacher who moved up from the high desert in 2004 with her 2 daughters. The oldest was in her 4th year at UCR, but the younger was starting her freshman year at Rim HS. Once the youngest was off to college, she subsequently got a part-time job at the library in Blue Jay. With working only 19 hours per week, there was still time to fill. It was 2010, and a good time to be a Democrat on the mountain. Obama was in the White House and doing a good job in spite of the lack of cooperation and criticism from his opponents. Having been interested in the political process since childhood, watching national conventions with her dad, she decided that now was the time to get involved. With no prior experience as a club officer, she joined the Mountain Bears, became the treasurer in due time, and the president in 2012. She welcomes the camaraderie of newcomers and any skills or expertise they wish to contribute towards growing the club. She looks forward to the challenge of this historic outcome and sharing our response with club members.


Vice President: Stan Haren
contact: sharenbronx@outlook,com

Vice President 2017
Stan Haren

Stan Haren is a retired attorney from New York City and Los Angeles. He and his wife permanently relocated to the mountains in 2013. He has been a liberal and Democratic Party enthusiast and activist for nearly all of his adult life. He joined the Mountain Bears Democratic Club as a result of the disturbing trends in local and national politics, the seemingly inability of the Democratic Party over the last several years to win elections and influence public policy, and a personal need to more actively participate in the Democratic Party and the political process. He is a husband, father and grandfather, in addition to being a (very) amateur photographer and piano player.



Secretary: Keith Martin

Secretary 2016 Keith Martin

Secretary 2016
Keith Martin

When Keith made it to the promised land of retirement (after teaching high school social sciences for over thirty years) he and his wife found themselves living on our mountain. Having honed his passion for all things civics related by teaching US History and Government for decades, Keith joined the Mountain Bears Democratic Club in order to more actively participate in our democratic process. Soon, he found himself happily accepting a nomination to fill the spot left by the past Secretary who is fulfilling a promise to her husband to travel around the country in their motor home.




Treasurer: Ken Crossner

Treasurer 2015 Ken Crossner

Treasurer 2015
Ken Crossner

I’m a lifelong democrat, beginning in utero because my parents and grandparents worshipped FDR. Throughout public school (N.Y.C.), in every one of my grades teachers always found an occasion to remind the class that republicans were only for the rich and democrats were for everyone else. And professionally, I was always in a labor union, most often the AFT or its offshoots, whether as a T.A. in grad school or in a college faculty union.

I have a Ph.D. from Rutgers (and B.S. and M.A. degrees from C.C.N.Y./C.U.N.Y. at the time of free-tuition!), all in zoology, and had been a college professor for almost 40 years teaching Zoology and Ecology courses.

My research field is Mammalogy (i.e., particularly population studies of wild mammals), and am a Life Member of the American Society of Mammalogists. My special interest in bats, and although retired now, I am still actively involved in my field conducting research for the Forest Service studying the species of bats that are found here in the San Bernardino mountains.

Marlene and I moved to these mountains in late 2015 when we both retired and could relocate closer (than New Jersey) to our young grandchildren in Los Angeles. It’s wonderful being able to see them so often, instead of flying across the country to see them only a couple of times a year. And we’re so very grateful to have found Lake Arrowhead, because we just couldn’t imagine living anywhere below in the desert, both of us having grown up in the green and lush forest ecosystems of the northeast and loving so many outdoor activities.

My other interests include boating (I’m a former member of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and the Power Squadrons, and am credentialed to teach the National Safe Boating Course, a prerequisite for a boating license required in most states but not California — at least not yet); and “tinkering” on cars and other projects in my home workshop. And, of course, Marlene and I are looking forward to touring and camping here in the West, once we’re settled a bit in our new house.


Promotions and Media Chair: Glen Thompson

Promotions and Media Chair 2017
Glen Thompson

A retired Engineer, Glen found himself with more spare time than ever, and a growing sense that ANYthing he could do to get more Democrats in office would be better than watching the process from home. After finding the Mountain Bears Democratic Club during an online search, he volunteered to help pass out election materials just before the mid-term election in 2014. A volunteer position helping with the Facebook page and the Website came, and then the election to replace a departing Vice President. With the welcome addition of Stan Haren as Vice President this year, more time spent promoting the Club and its activities is now available!


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